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MISys Manufacturing version 5.0

SplashWhat's New?
Inspiration for many of the new features you will find in MISys Manufacturing v5.0 has come from our many enthusiastic users around the world who have contributed to the MISys Wishlist. Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions.

We have also worked closely with our accounting software partners Sage and Intuit to better understand the needs of their customers. We thank them for making enhancements to their products so that the MISys/QuickBooks, MISys/Peachtree, MISys/Accpac, and MISys/Simply software can function as an industrial-strength manufacturing business management system.

"The most substantial update to MISys Manufacturing in 2 years."

More than 70 enhancements and 25 features added. See the highlights below and watch the video demos to see the new features come to life.

Features Mobile Alerts Module
Mobile Alerts Screen Shots

This new module allows MISys to send critical alerts to smart phones or any mobile device capable of receiving wireless email messages.

The MISys Dashboard has been enhanced so that you can schedule alerts to run unattended 24/7 and, should such an alert be triggered, send a message with critical data to your iPod Touch, smart phone, or to any other mobile device.

Features Bar Coding Module & API
Bar Coding

The Bar Coding module has been completely redesigned and updated with support for the Worth Data 7000 Series RF Terminals. This device permits untethered collection of bar coded data. Note that support for the original Worth Tricoder is retained.

For third-party developers who wish to integrate custom bar code solutions into MISys Manufacturing an Application Programmers Interface (API) is now available.

Features My Menu Panel

As a result of considerable feedback from users about ways to make MISys Manufacturing more "user friendly" we have created a new My Menu panel with two important features.

Navigation Panel Options - MISys Manufacturing v5.0 will feel much more "user friendly" if you hide the navigation panels you'll never need to access. Tune MISys to fit your particular job function. Your settings will be saved from session to session on a user to user basis.

Edit Shortcuts - If you have certain functions that you use more frequently than others, simplify your user experience with MISys by creating a list of shortcuts. You can even create folders and subfolders if they help you access MISys quicker and more easily.

Features Job Shops
Job Shops

Critical revisions completed to the logic in MISys Manufacturing to make it far more seamless for Job Shop activities. Learn what has changed! Watch this video demo.

Features Getting Started Guide

We heard from many brand new users who told us they needed a step-by-step guide to help them get started with MISys Manufacturing.

Now, when you log into MISys 5.0 for the very first time, a comprehensive Getting Started Guide appears featuring links to the MISys functions you need to work on, step-by-step.

Features Action Maps
Action Maps

Version 5.0 incorporates a major new feature, which we are calling Action Maps, to greatly simplify using MISys Manufacturing to do common tasks. Action Maps provide access to common tasks for Physical Inventory, Purchasing, Production, and Planning in the form of a live visual flow chart with arrows showing the usual steps for the Action in the order they are normally done.

Each Action Map step is represented by an icon, and each icon has an associated help button where you can click to find out more information about the step. Clicking on the step icon navigates you to the user interface in MISys where you can perform that step. Some of the Action Maps include multiple flow charts representing different scenarios of use depending on your own manufacturing application.

Features Usability Enhancements
  • Alerts can now access data saved in Custom Fields.
  • Users can now create, edit, and post multiple Physical Inventory Batches.
  • Physical Inventory Batches and Transfer Batches can now be viewed or posted by any User.
  • The Capacity Management tool now checks for operations pushed beyond the Order Ship Date.
  • A new button on the Work Order form eases the creation of a corresponding Manufacturing Order.
  • A new button on the Manufacturing Order form eases the creation of a corresponding child MO.
  • The Locations Master now allows for the declaration of Alternate Locations.
  • The Master Production Schedule now honors Alternate Locations.
  • Form editing has been enhanced so that the Delete key deletes the selected row in several grids.
  • The Start Date for newly created Manufacturing Orders is automatically set to today's date.
  • A new Substitute Alternates button has been added to the Manufacturing Order material grid, thus allowing for substitution of any selected or short items.
  • The Unit of Measure field has been expanded from 6 to 20 characters.
  • Serial Lot Tracking Item Finders now show Serial/Lot Type.
  • Copying a Bill of Material now allows copying of custom field information to the Manufacturing Order.
  • A new Assign All button has been added to the Serial Lot Tracking's Assign Lot Numbers function, permitting a selected Lot Number to be used for all assignments.
  • A new Look-up function in the Master File panel allows for the look-up of Item and Supplier information from a Manufacturer's or Supplier's Product Code.
  • The PO Invoicing function has a new grid column for the A/P Invoice Account for normal and miscellaneous Items.
  • The PO Invoicing form now displays the item total and applicable taxes more clearly.
  • A new Create MRP button has been added to the Manufacturing Order toolbar so you can buy and/or build short components.
  • A new Convert Item button of the Manufacturing Order Header Tab allows you to convert a nonstocked finished good to a stocked item.
  • A new Create Sales Order button has been added to the Manufacturing Order toolbar so you can create a corresponding Sales Order in the selected accounting system and link it to the Manufacturing Order.
  • If you enter a non-existent Job number (purchase orders, production orders, or stock transfers) MISys now allows you to create a new Job record on the fly.
  • The Work Center Header tab now has a field for the Work Center Location.
  • It is now possible to specify a Purchase Order number for Work Center Resources,
    Manufacturing Order Routing Operations, and on the Shop Floor Control form. This greatly enhances the Outside Processing functionality in MISys.
  • You are now warned if you attempt to invoice a Purchase Order that is referenced in a Work Center Resource or Manufacturing Order Routing Operation.
  • A new checkbox on the Master Production Scheduling Setup tab enables the use of Alternate Items. Such use is noted on the MPS Audit tab.
  • A new menu item Buyer's Advice has been added to the Planning panel to provide more direct access to the Buyer's Advice report and MRP creation.
  • A new Bill of Lading button and associated report has been added to the Shop Operations user interface to provide a shipping parts list for outside processing or when the source location for parts is different from the production location.
  • The Shop Operations user interface has been enhanced to allow specific of a bin when scrapping a component.
  • Added detection and warning if attempting to copy BOM material into a Manufacturing Order if outside BOM effectivity date range.
  • Changed accounting of material rollup and work center resource costs for improved computation of Manufacturing Order finished goods cost.
  • Adds ability to delete unneeded bin assignment records.
Features Enhanced Accounting Integration
  • Support for QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Support has been added to MISys v5.0. The Item Master's Sales Stock tab will now show the stock status at configured locations when the Advanced Inventory option is enabled in QuickBooks.The
  • Transfer to Sales functions in MISys v5.0, as well as the Work Order and Manufacturing Order "Transfer to Sales" function, now support transfers to configured locations when the Advanced Inventory option is enabled.
  • An issue related to the transfer of small quantities to Peachtree Quantum has been resolved.
  • Item Units of Measure import/export support has been added for QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Accpac.
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